3 Things to do on the Gold Coast on rainy days

3 Things to do on the Gold Coast on rainy days

Sometimes the weather has other ideas.

Your perfect holiday on the golden beaches and green mountains of the Gold Coast can sometimes go awry. You need to  find something to do to keep the kids from going stir crazy when you can’t hit the beach or the theme parks.

Here are 3 places to go to keep the kids, old and young amused when the weather is against you.

1:  Ice Skating

There are three Ice Skating  rinks on the Gold Coast.Ice Skating 3 Family friendly things to do on the Gold Coast in the rain www.queenslandtalk.com
Paradise Resort. “Planet Chill”,  a smaller rink but perfect for all the family.
Gold Coast Iceland.  Bundall , a large skating rink minutes from Surfers Paradise.
Epic Skate Rink in Tweed Heads is great for people staying on the southern end of the Gold Coast, like Coolangatta.
Ice skating is a great attraction for the whole family, kids can skate with you or you can just watch them having fun and burning off energy

2:  Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing

There are 3 indoor rock climbing places on the Gold Coast.
Paramount Adventure Centre, West Burleigh.
Clip N Climb  at Game Over Gold Coast in Helensvale.
and an area at Tallebudgera Leisure Centre

Indoor rock climbing is great fun. Most kids love to have a try and each centre has different type and styles of climbing walls.  Different climbing centres have different weight, age and size restrictions so check before you go.

3:  Indoor trampoline parks

Tampoline parks

There are a few  indoor trampoline parks on the Gold Coast .
Springloaded trampoline park in Upper Coomera
JumPit  in Helensvale.
Flip Out  inTweed Heads
Air Factory in Burleigh

3 Family friendly things to do on the Gold Coast in the rain www.queenslandtalk.com

The great things about trampolining is that anyone can do it, from young children to  parents. These indoor trampoline parks have many sorts on bouncing fields and activities.  It would be wise to check on line or by phone that the one you fancy visiting has the appropriate activity area for your family.


With any activity its always best to book ahead, if the forecast is rain for the next few days make a booking as soon as you can.

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5 best places on the Gold Coast for junior animal lovers

5 best places on the Gold Coast for  junior animal lovers

The Gold Coast, Queensland is more than beaches and theme park thrill rides.
Here is a list of my 5 favourite family friendly places on the Gold Coast for  junior animal lovers

1: Currumbin Wildlife SanctuaryCurrumbin wildlife sanctuary Queensland Talk best animal adventures Gold Coast Queensland

During the school holidays, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has wonderful “Eco Ranger and Creature Keeper” Programs
Kids  get to experience and interact with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s wildlife for a fun and educational day of hands-on activities.
Going behind the scenes and in the animal hospital tour , kids learn about about animal care, feed animals, have their photo taken with salt water crocodiles, lorikeets, emus, kangaroos and possums.
Each day has a separate theme allowing kids to go another day for a different experience or for parents to choose different days for each different childs preferences
Creature Keepers is more indepth, giving kids exposure to working in a zoo.Currumbin wildlife sanctuary Queensland Talk best animal adventures Gold Coast Queensland
Eco Ranger Holiday Program is open to children aged 6-12 years.
Creature Keepers for students the ages 12 – 17 years.
Lunch is included

2 : David Fleay Wildlife Park

Queensland Talk best animal adventures Gold Coast Queensland
David Fleay Wildlife Park offers a range of school holiday activities as part of their Connect with Nature program.
Wildlife Ranger activities where children from 6 to 9 and 10 to 12 years of age help prepare food to feed the wildlife and get up close to furred, feathered and scaly creatures.

David Fleay Wildlife park Queensland Talk best animal adventures Gold Coast Queensland
Bush Detectives -where kids become a bush detective and search for clues left by native animals that live right on our doorstep. A short ranger guided walk is included to practice detective skills.  aimed at  4-8 year olds
David Fleay Wildlife Park is a smaller park than Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and the program is shorter but its good value for money.
Kids will see  platypus, bilby,  crocodile , dingoes,  cassowaries, wallabies and of course Kangaroos and Koalas

3:  SeaWorld

seaworld polar bear Seaworld Gold Coast QueenslandTalk

Yes, this is a theme park with roller coasters and thrill rides, but there is so much more than that.

From just spending the day as a family looking at Polar Bears, Penguins, Sharks, Dolphins and Seals, you can , for extra money, do one of the many programs available.

sea-lion-at-seaworld Seaworld Gold Coast QueenslandTalk
Meet The Dolphin, Shark Encounter, Seal Safari, Trainer for a Day program (14 years and over) ,are just some of the options.
My favourite is the Junior Ambassador program for ages between 8 and 14 years. Kids get a unique opportunity to get up close to one of Sea World’s resident rescued seals at Seal Harbour, explore turtle rehabilitation and Polar Bear Shores behind the scenes.
No matter which program you choose at Seaworld  the kids  will  learn about the Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation and Sea World’s role in rescuing and caring for injured marine animals

4:  DreamWorld

Dreamworld tigers Queensland Talk best animal adventures Gold Coast Queensland
Also one of the major theme parks on the Gold Coast, but with the bonus of animal encounters.
While not the all day or in depth programs of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary or Seaworld they do have Wombat Experience, Sunset Safari Experience and the wonderful Tiger  Experiences.

Queensland Talk best animal adventures Gold Coast Queensland
Kids wanting to do any of the Tiger Experiences have to be of certain ages and be accompanied by an adult.
To get up close and interact with a tiger is surely something to impress most kids.

5:  Whale Watching

Whale watching Queensland Talk

Whale Watching on the Gold Coast is  seasonal  with June to November being the best months to see these majestic creatures at play.
A day trip whale watching boat trip  will allow the kids to experience whales up close, in their natural environment, with their very own eyes.
Whale watching on the Gold Coast is somewhat unique as when you take a whale watching boat trip usually you have to travel many kilometres to see the whales. On the  Gold Coast, you will be able to watch whales perform within 15 to 20 minutes of your departure. Its exciting to watch the wales breaching out of the water, slapping their fins or the tail sticking up in the water.
Whale watching is a great family day or half day out, but it is not something to send the kids on their own.

Whale watching Queensland Talk best animal adventures Gold Coast Queensland

The water can be smooth, choppy  or rough, and the time waiting so see a whale may be minutes or an hour, so unless you are confident with a child on a boat in those conditions I would not do this with young children. For  older children it is a tremendous day out.



With all these excursions and adventures you must book ahead to secure your place.


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